shortlinks.me, zto.me, lc8.me Terms and Conditions

Warranty and Liability

shortlinks.me, zto.me, or lc8.me is a free service - as such it carries no warranty of any kind. shortlinks.me, zto.me, or lc8.me and its staff and owners are not liable for any loss or problem you might suffer due to using the service. This includes losses in the event that the service stops operating, is unavailable or slow, suffers data loss, or any other issue which might be considered detrimental to you

This site may cease to operate or cease to exist at any time for any reason without notice.

Shortened URLs

Users who create shortlinks.me, zto.me, or lc8.me shortened URLs cannot later delete them or modify their destinations (this helps to prevent abuse). Our shortened URLs could redirect anywhere, you follow them at your own risk and shortlinks.me, zto.me, or lc8.me is not responsible or liable for content you visit.

URL rejection and removal

We can reject URLs when they are submitted or later remove, disable or redirect shortened URLs for any reason.

Forbidden activities

shortlinks.me may NOT be used creating shortened URLs that:

•Are used in commercial email
•Are used for unsolicited advertising (spam) including email and forum posts
•Link to malicious content (phishing, viruses, trojans, adware, any other malware)
•Link to any form of child pornography
•Link to other URL shortening or redirection sites
•Link to material that infringes copyright

In addition any use of shortlinks.me, zto.me, or lc8.me and any content linked to must be legal in the USA (where the site is hosted).

The above terms and conditions may change at any time without notice.